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Azalea 'Rose Greeley'

A good, hardy, early white. Flowers are hose-in-hose with chartreuse blotch; medium sized, a shrub of low, compact, spreading habit. Gable hybrid, complex parentage, much Az. poukhanense.
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3 Litres, 30 to 45cm, 12" to 17½" £11.00 Out of stock

Azalea 'Surprise'

Japanese evergreen,dense shrub intro. 1939, Light orange and white flowers Best in an open situation. Foliage turns reddish in winter
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2 Litres £9.50
3 Litres £11.00

Azalea 'White Lady'

Trusses of 2 or 3 pure white flowers with faint green markings in the throat. Compact evergreen hybrid, dense shrub, upright habit. Best in an open situation.
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4 Litres £13.50

Azaleodendron 'Fragrans'

Clusters of 12-20 small very fragrant flowers, white with lilac flush, on a small bush with leaves that are nearly evergreen. Flowers late.
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3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £9.50
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