How to get them home

Garden centres and nurseries with high standards of customer service will generally pack the plants in such a way that you only need to stand or lie the plants in the boot of your car.

Preparing rhododendrons for transport

The rootball should be protected by a plastic bag so that it cannot dry out and your car will be kept clean.

If your plants have to be transported on a roof rack, even if it is only over a short distance, they should be wrapped in polythene (peat sacks or dustbin liners are ideal).

Make sure the label bearing the picture and variety name of your plant is not lost in transport.

When you reach home: If possible, remove your plants from the car immediately and unpack them. Stand the shrubs in water for ten minutes, even if the rootball still seems moist. If you cannot plant them right away, stand the plants in a cool, shady place, for example, under trees or on the north side of a building. If longer waiting periods are foreseen, heel in the plants provisionally in a shady spot in the garden, which is the equivalent to planting them loosely.

When plants arrive by mail order Remember that the plants may have been in the post for several days. For this reason, you must open the package immediately it arrives and remove the packaging material. Stand the plants in water for ten minutes and, if possible, plant them the same day or prepare them for planting

Planting and caring for rhododendrons in the garden NB: Before planting your newly purchased plants in the garden, you should have prepared the optimal conditions for them. Do not plant them until these requirements have been met.