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Rhododendron 'Tinkerbird'

Evergreen shrub with loose trusses of 3-4 pure white flowers flushed pink in bud, One of the first semi dwarf scented rhododendrons hardy enough for most areas. Surprisingly bud hardy too, but we recommend a sheltered position. Good for tubs.
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7 Litres £21.00

Rhododendron 'White Pearl AM'

Large pink buds open to a pinky white, which fades to a pure white in sun; long lasting flowers in a tall upright truss. Fine old hybrid, introduced in 1896.
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2-3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £17.00

Rhododendron annae ssp laxiflorum

Creamy white.
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5 Litres, 30 to 45cm, 12" to 17½" £23.00
10 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £33.00

Rhododendron augustinii ssp hardyi

White-flowered forms are quite common in the wild, and the name hardyi is usually used for them. Upright deciduous shrub. Younger stems and leaf stalks are maroon contrasting with glossy new growth. Lots of white flowers.
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3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £9.50 Out of stock

Rhododendron ciliatum White form

Compact shrub if grown in full light.. Attractive light brown peeling bark. Dark green leaves,hairy above and fringed with longer stiff hairs. white flowers. Confused with R Snow Lady.
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3 Litres £14.00
4 Litres, 30 to 45cm, 12" to 17½" £17.00

Rhododendron mucronulatum Album

Compact deciduous azalea-like species, very useful fo flowering in late winter. This form has relatively large white flowers. Very hardy plant, but frost damages the flowers. Not to confused with Az. Mucronatum (White, May)
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2-3 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £9.50

Rhododendron scopulorum

Upright species, may grow beyond 2m in a mild garden. Prefers a north wall. Mid green narrow leaves, scented white flowers with a gold throat.. Makes a good cold greenhouse plant.
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10 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £22.50
10 Litres, 60 to 80cm, 24" to 32" £32.60
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