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Rhododendron 'Odee Wright'

A low growing, medium sized shrub with glossy deep green rounded leaves. Bears peach coloured buds which open to primrose-yellow, with a pink tinge and a red throat. Requires a neutral or acid soil.
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3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £11.00

Rhododendron 'Patty Bee'

Flowers clear yellow, with small dark green leaves. Sun and heat tolerant.
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3 Litres £13.00

Rhododendron 'Saffron Queen'

Compact upright bushy evergreen with small leaves and lax trusses of sulphur yellow flowers with dark spots. Buds rather tender - often abort over winter in Sussex.
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5 Litres, 30 to 45cm, 12" to 17½" £17.00

Rhododendron 'Satsop Sunrise'

Compact, bushy evergreen shrub with domed truss of funnel-shaped, wavy-edged flowers, red in bud, opening to pale yellow in centre with rich pink edges.
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3 Litres £17.00

Rhododendron 'Swift'

Yellow flowers, strongly spotted red with red stripes on the reverse. Very floriforous.
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3 Litres £16.00

Rhododendron 'Tidbit'

Neat upright hybrid with dark green shiny leaves, flowers red in bud opening to straw yellow, becoming deeper yellow, with an attractive red throat. Must have good drainage and a lightly shaded position.
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5 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £12.00 Out of stock

Rhododendron 'Yellow Hammer'

Upright shrub with a tendency to ramble if not pruned. Small narrow leaves, masses of small yellow tubular flowers, a fair few of which open in the autumn, though there are always plenty more for the Spring.
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2-3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £9.50

Rhododendron johnstoneanum

Spreading habit, bristly twigs, attractive reddish brown peeling bark. Dark green hairy leaves. Creamy yellow flowers. Needs shelter from cold winds.
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3 Litres £9.50
3 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £14.00
7 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £22.50
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