Rhododendron 'Christmas Cheer'

Large hybrid rhododendron

  • Flowering Time : January, February, March
  • Height in 10 years : 4 metres / 13 feet 1 inches


Compact evergreen shrub with pale pink flowers; , valuable for its early flowering, used to be forced for Christmas but name is deceptive - with us, flowers in March.

Flower Months

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Rhododendrons will start flowering around this time, depending on the season, for a week or so.


  • UK Zone : 5
  • RHS Zone : H (Fully Hardy)
  • EGF Zone : H1
  • US Zone : 6
  • Min Temp : -23°C (-10°F)

Hardy anywhere in the UK and moderate parts of Europe such as Holland, southern Sweden, coastal Denmark, favourable parts of Germany etc, moderate parts of NE USA and eastern Canada.