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Chalky soil

Warms up quickly, dries out easily and provides most unfavourable conditions for rhododendrons.

Characteristics Indicator plantsSoil improvement
loose structure
high degree of water permeability
high pH factor (over 8)
chicory (Cichorium intybus)
meadow clary (Salvia pratensis)
wall germander (Teucrium chamaedrys)
forking larkspur (Consolida regalis )
hardly possible for rhododendrons. Exchange of soil recommended or build a raised bed.

Totally unfavourable conditions

If soil conditions are extremely unfavourable for rhododendrons, simply improving the structure the soil will not be sufficient. This is particularly the case:

  1. if the subsoil is very dense or impermeable to water (waterlogging); <
  2. If the ground water level is high;
  3. on chalky soil with a pH factor of over 8;
  4. on extremely heavy soil (pure clay)

If you have these conditions and still wish to grow rhododendrons, there are three possible methods:

  1. Exchanging the soil.
  2. Raising an existing flowerbed contains the right kind of soil.
  3. Building a raised bed from scratch.

In all three cases you will require large quantities of suitable soil. You can mix suitable soil for rhododendrons yourself or buy it in the gardening trade.